« Hello!

I am Lily, the bubble fairy! I was born in 1668 from a serendipity (= lucky chance) leading to the invention of Champagne.

Legend has it that the Monk Dom Pérignon, who worked in the Hautvillers Chapel and who had studied wine fermentation in Limoux (Pyrenees), invented the second fermentation in the bottle.

Lily's Birth
Naissance de Lily

YYou should have seen that! A fireworks display of the first Champagnes in history throughout the cellars and Dom Pérignon, managing to save a bottle to taste it, exclaiming:

« Come quickly, my brothers, I taste the stars!” »

This is how I was born, and since then I have watched over this subtle process of Champagnisation.

Sometimes I show an excess of enthusiasm and we still see a few explosions of Champagnes in the cellars but, the result is there, you drink stars ... "